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3 concerns: Hsin-Yu Chen on treading gently whenever dating the world

3 concerns: Hsin-Yu Chen on treading gently whenever dating the world

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We’re not exactly yes exactly just exactly how old we’re — cosmologically, that is. The primary techniques experts used to assess the chronilogical age of the universe don’t agree with one another. Numerous physicists wish a newly relevant method that incorporates gravitational-wave findings will re solve this age discrepancy for good.

But this brand new strategy may never be since simple as scientists hoped. a new paper by Hsin-Yu Chen, a postdoc during the MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space analysis, defines a possible issue utilizing the technique that, if you don’t addressed, could catastrophically compromise its outcomes.

right Here, Chen answers questions regarding the method that is new the european mail order wife matter she unearthed, and exactly what scientists need to do to solve it. Her responses have now been modified for clarity and length.

Q: How exactly does the brand new means for dating the world work?

A: gravitational-wave that is observing can provide us an unbiased approach to gauge the chronilogical age of the world. To show its age, we must fast know how the world is expanding. Also to find this expansion price, we should understand a few things: how long away are cosmic systems like galaxies, and exactly how fast they have been traveling far from us. Continue reading