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After restarting the computer, it will turn on automatically. To avoid this situation, install a third-party antivirus app for your Windows 10. Third-party antivirus software controls the real protection. You can easily run the defender option anytime as you want for the scanning. To ensure the activity of Windows Defender is turned off or not you need to follow the process.

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In my experience Windows Defender is started by default when Windows starts, and with fairly strict settings. I had to reset the Windows Defender Firewall today to fix a problem created with the "Internet Connection Sharing" service by one of Microsoft’s recent updates. I don’t even use ICS, zlib1.dll but I do have Hyper-V Manager installed, and it needs the ICS service to connect to the internet from a VM.

It has NEVER adversely affected my MC Server + 3 MC Clients, or any other programs I run on three laptops that do heavy browsing. I also don’t mess with Defender settings, same reasons. It does things in the background and it has NEVER caused any problems.

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Sometimes you need to turn off this defender to set up a computer without a network. This defender can block the process because of some security policies. That’s why you need to know how to turn off windows defender on your PC. Knowing how to turn off Windows defender is essential when you are using third party antivirus applications. As a PC user, most of the people use this kind of application. So, they don’t need to use any other defender for the PC. In that case, turning off the defender becomes important.

I am so tired of the "we know better than you" attitude MS has in win10. I think more people would run windows defender if they actually let you turn off the real time scan, without turning it on again, against the will of the user. Stuff like this has its cost as well, countless hours of work has been lost due to MS policies. I’m not pushing any agenda, other than trying to raise awareness of what Microsoft and Defender are doing, despite users believing it is disabled. That is only because I once again saw the evidence, and it reminded me of how many threads I had seen where people claimed Defender was off, and couldn’t be the issue. I don’t care if technically the Defender Firewall can be turned off via Windows Policies. I don’t want users stuck with a problem to only think about their Firewall or Antivirus software.

  • To remove an entry from the menu, first run bcdedit /enum and note the boot entry’s identifier.
  • Then run the following command, substituting the identifier.
  • Use the FixMbr option when you need to repair Master Boot Record corruption problems, or when you need to clean the code from the MBR.
  • Windows NT6 (Vista, Windows 7/8/10) BIOS/MBR boot process depends on the presence of an active partition on hard disk.
  • Typically, you do not need to remove entries from the BCD registry file.
  • Instead, you should simply remove entries from the Windows Boot Manager menu.

Because that is what some of these threads seem to be about these days. Most users are idiots and would disable all security/protections if it let them, then they complain about Windows being "insecure" when their systems are infected as a result. I don’t use third party security, only built in Windows 10 Defender & Firewall on eight machines. I don’t mess with Firewall settings, it does everything automatically. When a pop up to allow a program appears, I simply Allow.