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10 Things We Discovered From Dating an Australian

10 Things We Discovered From Dating an Australian

My Aussie and I also have already been together for five years now. So, ya, an extended few years. And I also love the Aussies, but without a doubt, there are aspects of dating an Australian guy that i discovered different about dating a guy that is american. Absolutely absolutely Nothing bad, but simply various. It may possibly be a thing that is culture your whole “you constantly want that which you can not have” thing, but We definitely love dating an Aussie.

I usually discovered just how guys that are american to get girls was a little aggressive. The US men like to play games with girls, as well as the entire grinding thing? Yuck. The flirting/hooking up game had been therefore various in Australia! As well as the ingesting tradition? Americans drink to have drunk and venture out, Aussies love an alcohol with just about anything and take in they just get hammered in process of enjoying all this grog! ) because they mostly enjoy the taste (. Additionally, the entire “Live to function – Work to reside” mindset is indeed significantly various involving the two countries.

Anyways, let us be genuine, my guy does stick to the Aussie stereotypes — Blonde locks, surfer, beach bum, makes a mean bbq, really really really loves an excellent alcohol, and trips a kangaroo to focus! Just joking, he doesn’t like alcohol that much. But he is definitely a high bloke. (Impressed with my utilization of Aussie slang? We bet you’re! ) Anyways, I like dating an Australian and here you will find the explanations why:

**This post is solely predicated on my experience dating a few US and Aussie guys, as well as in not a way wanting to generalize the US and Australian populace. Continue reading