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Why we D 23, 2017 by Emily 1 Comment august. My Debt Was Not Pushing

Why we D 23, 2017 by Emily 1 Comment august. My Debt Was Not Pushing

Today’s post is your own story on why i did son’t spend down my student education loans during grad college, though I experienced the chance to. There are many facets you should think about whenever you make your decision of whether or not to reduce student loan debt during grad college. In my own specific situation, based on both the mathematics for the situation and my own disposition, it made more sense to contribute cash with other monetary objectives during grad college.

I had $17k of student loan debt, $16k subsidized and $1k unsubsidized when I graduated from undergrad. We made a decision to defer my student education loans within my postbac fellowship and PhD, and I also didn’t pay my student loans down for the reason that duration. Although my stipend afforded me the flexibleness to produce progress back at my loans I had higher financial priorities than making payments on debt that was effectively at 0% interest if I wanted to.

My Debt Was Not Pushing

I’ll make a small edit to my declaration that i did son’t spend my student loans down in grad college: We kept my $16k of subsidized student education loans throughout my training duration, but We paid down the $1k unsubsidized loan throughout the 6-month elegance duration after my graduation from undergrad. I did son’t just like the reality as I could that it was accruing interest, unlike my subsidized loans, so I paid it off as soon.

Since the sleep of my loans had been subsidized, not merely did we not need to help make re re payments throughout their deferment, these were maybe perhaps not interest that is accruing. Continue reading