Is Disturbing Video an Example of Pasadena Police Brutality or Not?

A disturbing video recently found its way onto the internet. The video shows a member of the Pasadena police force dragging a woman from a vehicle. The twenty-two second video was posted by the woman’s family who are claiming she was a victim of Pasadena police brutality.

Mandy Sumpter-Stevens claims responsibility for posting the video. According to Sumpter-Stevens the woman the police officer is man handling in the video is her aunt, a woman who is both disabled and cognitively challenged. She originally posted the video to her Facebook feed.

hqdefault (2)Spokesperson for the Pasadena police force, Vance Mitchell, says that in this particular situation case the general public shouldn’t believe everything they see on camera. He says that there was a lot more to the story than the short video clip shows.

According to Mitchell, the woman in the video, Linda Grimes, was pulled over after she drove the wrong direction on a feeder road which put her in a position to be going against oncoming traffic for the span of three to four lanes. Despite the flashing lights in her rearview mirror, Grimes failed to pull over until she reached the 200 block of Beltway 8 near Texas 225 in Pasadena.

According to the Mitchell, the officer responsible for pulling Grimes over, “The officer got out of his car, once she finally stopped. She didn’t seem to be paying much attention.”

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERADespite the presence of the Pasadena police officer, Grimes failed to either open her window or her car door when requested. Upon seeing another door was unlocked and open, the officer reached into the car in order to turn off the engine. At this point, Grimes fought against the officer’s attempt to remove her from the car.

In the video, there’s a moment where Grimes head can be clearly seen hitting the pavement, but Mitchell swears that moment is only very brief part of what took place and that it’s out of context. After Grimes is removed from her vehicle, the officer places her in handcuffs and removes her from the camera’s view.

The Pasadena officer decided to arrest Grimes and take her into custody. Once they reached the Pasadena police station, it was discovered that she was quite intoxicated which led to DUI charges being filed.

1087602Police records indicate that this is in fact the third time Grimes has faced with DUI charges. Her first one took place in 1981 and the second was issued in February of 2012. Grimes is being held on a $5,000 bond.

Her niece has not been willing to provide any rebuttal comments to Mitchell’s statement.